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The settings panel lets you change your:

  • Avatar
  • Username (used on public profile and transactional mails)
  • Name (used in certificate and promotional mails)
  • Password
  • Country
  • Biography

You can also enable / disable emails for:

  • Transactional emails - Tokens renewed, daily notifications, etc
  • Result emails - update for results from quizzes etc

Merge Accounts

The merge accounts feature lets you sign in with multiple authentication providers (eg linkedin, gmail, twitter, email). If you merge an account, the following steps take place:

1) New reputation will be the max of old and new reputation

2) New tokens balance is more complicated to prevent abuse. The rules are:

  • if merging account has <= 8 tokens, then don't add any tokens
  • if merging account has < 20 tokens, then add (merging account tokens - 8)
  • otherwise, take max of tokens from both accounts