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Macro Cards Quiz Game Platform

Are you looking to build a new community quiz game? Great idea! We can help.

Our platform enables a new, unique site (own domain and graphics) to be pushed to live in just a few days - the time being spent mainly on product discussions and artwork. Features of our quiz platform include:

  • Advanced Markdown (custom video tag, LaTex, code specific linting, copy paste images)
  • Questions that get harder as you play
  • All questions have explanations (the aim is to teach)
  • Leaderboards by country, continent, and globally (also monthly, yearly, all-time)
  • Peer review for questions submitted
  • Hints and quality checks at time of submission
  • Multiplayer Mode (12 questions or "tournament" mode)
  • Public flashcards (indexable on google)
  • Documentation site (like this one)
  • Certificates for each level


  • Teams feature
  • Tip Content creators in Bitcoin
  • AI feedback to further improve question quality

Services include:

  • Production of artwork
  • Social media setup, and detailed marketing strategies
  • Super fast image hosting
  • Powerful database and web hosting

Examples of quiz games we have produced:

Coming soon:

  • ( - Data Management (data ops, governance, quality, modelling)