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Sasensei - Quizzes

It is possible to partake in public quizzes, multiplayer quiz games, and also to create private tests for students. All quizzes have 12 questions.


This section lets you review all the Quizzes you have taken, from any of the games - it's a chance to review your scores, and compare your position against other players.


A public quiz contains 12 questions and costs 8 tokens to play. Choose a single topic, and if you pass (75% or more) you get 12 tokens back, plus 20 rep. If you get 100%, you get 30 rep. A count of passed sessions (by topic) is displayed on your public profile.

How are public quizzes created?

A job runs at 4am to perform the following logic:

  • Filter for Approved, non-deleted questions with > 3 votes
  • If there are enough new questions in the pool, create a new quiz for that tag
  • Questions are split by pass rate - 6 at >= 70%, and 6 below 70%.

There must be a minimum of 36 questions before the first quiz is created. At 48 questions the second quiz is created, at 60 the third - etc etc.


Available to Assassin and above (unless unlocked with tokens), multiplayer lets you create an interactive challenge! Any new players signed up with the multiplayer link are considered referrals, meaning they get a 4 token bonus, and so do you (once they reach Yellow Belt). Once in a ready room, you can use the instant chat to communicate. When ready, click the 'get started' button to begin play. The winner is the one with the most correct answers, if it's a tie then it's the player with the fastest finish time. Everyone pays 2 tokens to play, the winner recieves 50% of the pot, and the runner up gets 25%. The organiser also gets to choose which tags are used to filter the questions.

There are two types of Multiplayer Game.


Similar to public quiz, this is a game of 12 questions, with a time cap of 12 minutes. All players can play all 12 questions, in their own time.


Each question is made as a 'wave' - once everyone answers the first, the next wave begins. If a player gets an answer wrong, they are "out". Waves continue until there is only one player left. There is no limit to the number of waves.


This feature, unlocked at rank Sasensei, lets you build a quiz for your students to enjoy. You can choose from all questions that have at least 4 upvotes. It will cost 10 tokens, plus 2 tokens for every student you wish to take the test. You are able to review their scores, and see the overall leaderboard results. Any new players signed up as a result of a Custom Quiz are considered referrals, meaning they receive a 4 token bonus immediately (and the quiz creator receives 4 tokens once that player hits Yellow Belt).