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Sasensei - Levels

White Belt

New players have access to RUN Cards only - to unlock more levels, you must prove yourself by earning reputation. Remember to vote (up, down, or neutral) to get extra rep points!

Yellow Belt

Auto-unlocked at 50 reputation (or instantly with a streak of 10), this level enables Comments and the ability to view the last 12 questions taken.

When you comment on any question, or flashcard, the submitter and all other commenters are notified. The purpose of comments is to give constructive feedback on questions, or to provide more information for players. Be nice!

The "questions taken" screen is your chance to review any interesting, or troublesome questions from RUN cards.

Green Belt

Auto-unlocked at 100 reputation (or instantly with a streak of 20), this bestows the right to SUBMIT cards. Not only is submitting cards a great way to learn, if your cards are accepted you will begin earning tokens and reputation every time they are voted up!

Black Belt

Auto-unlocked at 200 reputation, this enables you to give feedback to those who are submitting new content in REVIEW mode. The success of the site depends on the quality of the content submitted, so this is an important role indeed!


This rank bestows the privilege to enter PUBLIC QUIZ mode and the chance to reign victorious in the Leaderboards therein. This level is auto-unlocked at 500 reputation.


This rank enables MULTIPLAYER mode and the chance to battle against 200 players at once. Auto unlocked at 1000 rep.


This position bestows the power to edit all questions, to create new tags, to create user-input style questions, and the ability to create bespoke quizzes for students. Unlocked at 5000 rep.