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Sasensei - Flashcards

Flashcards contain a variety of content, which can be filtered by Tag, Difficulty, or searching the Title and Body. If you think a flashcard contains good (or bad) content, be sure to vote it up or down - and comment if you think it can be improved!


RUN flashcards lets you browse content, perform full text search, play randomly or within a topic, and save flashcards for later browsing. Flashcards are divided by difficulty (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced). This game can be played by anyone (even without an account)


This is a repository of flashcards saved for future review.


Submit new flashcards here for others to enjoy. This costs 2 tokens, but lets you earn tokens (and reputation) every time your flashcard is upvoted. Good content is well written, interesting, relevant (eg to the tags you have chosen) and suitable for all ages!

If you are embedding videos, it is recommended to mute the sound. If you are using youtube for this, you can mute it by adding &mute=1 to the URL in the embed code (<iframe>).

You can also add tables, code sections and more - see the markdown guide here.


Keep track of the flashcards you have submitted.


Those who have achieved the rank of Black Belt can review the flaschards submitted (or edited, or downvoted) by others. This is a chance to help ensure that content submitted on Sasensei is of an appropriate standard! The impact of a review depends on why the question was in review, as follows:

New Flaschards

New flaschards are not released to the question bank until they receive 3 accepts in all 6 quality dimensions. If they receive 3 rejections in just one dimension, the question is marked as deleted. After acceptance / rejection, the new flashcard is also removed from REVIEW.

Edited Flashcards

If a flashcard is edited, the edited version is put to review, and is not made available in RUN until it receives 3 accepts in all 6 dimensions. The original flashcard remains available in RUN. If the edit receives 3 rejects in just one dimension, it is removed from REVIEW, and the original flashcard is unaffected. If the edit is accepted, the original flashcard is replaced with the edited version.

Downvoted Flashcards

A downvote will force a review depending on the number of upvotes, and the status of the downvoter. See here for more information.


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