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Sasensei - Badges

Badges are divided into two categories - Explorer (for uncovering features of the site) and Achievement (those that take some effort to obtain)

Explorer Badges

The following badges are only awarded once!

Badge Description
Voter First vote. Votes are essential to promote good content, and to weed out the bad!
Commenter First comment, be that on a flashcard or question. Constructive comments help to improve site content for everyone!
Flashcard Submitter First flashcard submitted, and accepted. Given that flashcards are free to play, submitted flashcards are a great opportunity to earn tokens and reputation!
Flashcard Reviewer First card reviewed. Flashcards are an educational tool for everyone (not just signed up players). Lets make them great!
Streaker First streak (3+ correct questions in a row in RUN mode).
Question Submitter First question submitted, and accepted.
Question Reviewer First question reviewed. Questions cost tokens to play, so a high standard is expected and required!
Certified First public quiz, passing 75% or more
Challenger Creates first multiplayer quiz, with at least one other player who passes
Challengee Finishes a multiplayer quiz where somebody else is the host (answers all questions)
Quiz Master Create first custom quiz with at least one player who passes
Quiz Apprentice Play first custom quiz

Achievement Badges

These badges demonstrate true community involvement and technical prowess! They can all be earned multiple times.

Badge Description
Great Flashcard Flashcard has 15+ upvotes (once per flashcard)
Great Question Question has 15+ upvotes (once per question)
Difficult Question Creates a question with 10+ upvotes and <20% pass rate
Easy Question Creates a question with 10+ upvotes and >80% pass rate
Referrer Refer a signup who achieves yellow belt
Top Student Pass public quiz with a 100% pass rate
Speedy Gonzalez Pass public quiz with a 100% pass rate in under 2 minutes
Regular Visit the site every day for 7 days (resets on 7th day)
Resident Visit the site every day for 1 month (resets on final day)
Annualno Member for one year (anniversary of signup)