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Sasensei - Events


Using Sasensei at an event is a great way to connect enthusiasts in the spirit of light-hearted competition. Community features are eventually planned for, but in the meantime the options are:

Individual Challenge

The Multiplayer and Custom Quiz approaches both require players to click a link and signup to the game before they can play.


This is a way to enable everyone to play a game at the same time, with a clear winner at the end. Simply start the game, share the link, and start the game once enough people are logged in. In the meantime, players can communicate with each other using the chat system.


  • a clear winner at the end
  • chat system


  • need to wait for everyone to join the ready room

Recommendation - do this when you have a captive audience, alternatively plan to start the game at a certain time (eg hourly intervals)

Custom Quiz

A Custom Quiz can be taken at the players leisure, which means that a quiz can be prepared in advance with questions on a specific topic, and the link shared accordingly.


  • Organiser can create a specific type of quiz
  • Players can play in their own time


  • Organiser cannot play (they made the quiz!)
  • Cannot control whether and when players play

Team Challenges

No Screens

A great approach here is to arrange a tournament - with one representative from each team.

At certain times, hold 'matches' between each team, and arrange playoffs for the winners!

Single Screen

If you have just one screen, an option can be to hold a public quiz (using an organiser account), divide players into teams, and get them to WRITE the answer - checking the answers at the end.

Multiple Screens

Now we have a few more options! Divide teams across the screens, with one player dedicated to making the selection (note that a mouse is not necessary, it's also possible to use the numeric keypad and the enter key to submit answers).

Possible game modes:

  • RUN mode - see which team can achieve the biggest streak.
  • Multiplayer - highest score / first to finish
  • Public Quiz