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Coming Soon!!!

The documentation below describes the upcoming community functionality, to be released in phases during 2019.


The community feature enables players to communicate with each other via chat boards. There are several types of community, each of which has a slightly different feature set.


Remember that this is a public site, accessible to minors and people of many alternative persuasions! The purpose of making this chat available is purely to discuss XXX_TOPIC_XXX related topics. There is zero tolerance for hate speech, innuendo, harassment, trolling, or anything that would cause offence in a church, mosque, or in front of your grandma.


Chat lists

Discussions in each of your communities (tags, countries, clubs, companies, teams) are held in a chat list. You can open a chat list to view new messages. Chat history is private to the site (not indexed by search engines, or visible without logging in). Up to 1000 messages are kept in history for each community. Messages are limited to 512 characters. Players must be at least Yellow Belt to comment.


Every player will choose a primary Country and Tag on signup. They may also choose a primary Club and Company in Settings. Players can join additional communities, however (for leaderboard rankings) their reputation will only count towards their primary community within each community type.


Clubs, Companies, and Teams, have Admins. Admins have the following powers:

  • Ability to mark other players as admins
  • Ability to update the community picture and profile
  • Ability to remove players from the community
  • Ability to delete messages

A Super Admin has the ability to remove admins.

Community Types

The following matrix shows the features of the different community types:

Type Has Admins Internal Leaderboards Setup Fee Publicly Visible
Topic No No No Yes
Country No Yes No Yes
Club Yes Yes No¹ Yes
Company Yes Yes Yes No
Team Yes No Yes No

¹ Sasamurai players may request a new Club so long as evidence of club representation can be provided


The tag boards are pure chat boards. They are in place to discuss particular tags. Players are automatically enrolled in the primary tag chosen on signup. It costs 2 tokens to join additional tags. Primary tags can be changed in the settings panel (2 token cost if not an existing tag for that user).


The country boards include leaderboards. Leaderboards are shown publically, and categories include:

  • Individual (top 10 players in that country)
  • Company (top 10 companies in that country)
  • Club (top 10 clubs in that country)

All members are automatically enrolled in the country chosen on signup. Each player has one primary country, but may join other countries for a 2 token fee. Country can be changed in settings panel (2 token fee if not an existing country for that user).


Clubs are established organisations, whose purpose is to promote and to educate. Leaderboard categories include:

  • Individual (top 10 players in the club)
  • Country (top 10 countries in that club)
  • Team (top 10 within a club)

Clubs have admins. Anyone can join a club. Club membership is shown on profile. Joining first club is free, additional ones cost 2 tokens. Primary club can be changed. Clubs can be requested by Sasamurai's and above.

Clubs also have a profile page which explains the club, editable by admins.


Companies are private organisations, which cost 200 tokens to set up. Company membership is not shown on user profiles, however companies themselves are shown on public "company leaderboards" - ie, to show which are the top companies in a particular country.

Companies have admins who can edit the public profile page. The admin user is also shown publically, and can be contacted. Players are added by invite only. The internal leaderboard shows:

  • Individual (top 10 players)
  • Country (top 10 countries)
  • Team (top 10 teams)


Teams are public, and cost 20 tokens to set up. Team membership is not shown on user profiles. Everyone in a team who is Black Belt and above (or who created the team) is an admin and can edit the public profile page. Players are added by invite only. There is no internal leaderboard. There can be a maximum of 5 players in a team.

Teams are mainly used to compete in multiplayer challenges, and within clubs & companies.